On the Menu: August 15-21

I guess I don’t really need to say that this week  is crazy. How is it that taking off for a few days means you come back to 3 times the work you’d have had if you’d stayed home? I have no idea, but I will say it was worth it. Incredible wine tastings, sunsets over The Castle in DC, Thai food to die for, and most of all getting to see my best friend for almost a whole week. But, all good things must come to an end, and it’s time to get back to the Real World.

The next few weeks are going to see some schedule changes, and therefore menu changes, around here. Thadd’s headed back to another semester of school, so the menus you’ll be seeing starting in about two weeks will have lots of easily-packable leftovers for his lunches. He’ll be cooking on different days, which also changes things. For now, we’re going to try and take a day or two a week to load up what little freezer space we have left with food to get him started. A lot of the meals will be fast and simple, since he’s getting in as much work as he can before his time to do so becomes limited, and I am catching up.

On the Menu:


Monday: Lentil and sausage soup. This is a go-to for us, as anyone who’s read here for any length of time knows.

Tuesday: Grilled “Cottage Pie.” I have to work until about 8 tonight, so Thadd’s going to layer all the fun stuff that typically goes into a traditional cottage pie (shepard’s pie uses lamb, to which I am allergic) into foil and toss it on the grill. In this case, the meat is leftover meatloaf (which Thadd keeps telling me is farther and farther from meatloaf, as it has more veggies than meat in it at this point). I have to admit, it’s great to come home to food after teaching spin class.

Wednesday: Crustless quiche and BLTs. Another really long day for me, 3 hours of which is teaching fitness classes. Thadd’s up again for cooking, and since we have so much fresh produce, this sounded like a good way to use some of it up.

Thursday: In theory, I am hosting a supper club. If that doesn’t happen, it’ll be leftover night.

Friday: Tuna salad wraps. Thadd works overnights, so he needs something fast and filling. He’ll have several of these, while I stick to just one. They’re one way I get some fish into my diet (along with sardines, which we’re out of right now), and Thadd makes amazing tuna salad with carrots, homemade pickles, onions, and I have no idea what else. We fill them out with fresh greens and tomatoes (boy, do we have those!).

Saturday: Venison Pot Roast, with potatoes, carrots, and salad. We need to use up some of last year’s venison, and we also need a meal that doesn’t take forever. So, slow cooker to the rescue.

Sunday: Black bean & banana empanadas. We love these. They’re fairly healthy, really tasty, and freeze like a complete dream. We’re making a triple batch so we can throw a bunch in the freezer.

You know the drill for lunches, which is almost always mostly leftovers and things like boiled eggs, nuts, etc. Breakfasts are a challenge for me right now, as I’m working on developing things that are high in protein, low in simple carbs, and contain little or no calcium (yes, I am eating calcium, but I have to eat it later in the day as it interferes with the absorption of my adrenal medication–something I’d pretty much forgotten about. Whoops). So, it’s mostly steel cut oats at the moment.

What’s on your menu?


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