Shaking It Up: The Lifestyle Rut

You know I am a huge proponent of fitness and healthy eating, that I am a Chef and fitness instructor, that I take my lifestyle seriously for both personal and medical reasons. What I don’t talk about often is that it’s not always easy to stay motivated to do that. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching MMA kickboxing, pilates, spin..they’re all great classes, and it’s wonderful to see people get into fitness and improve their bodies. I am there to motivate the people in my classes, or the people eating my meals, to stay on track, to push harder for a better life.

But, sometimes I still need outside motivation, too, and it can be difficult to find. There are great instructors who motivate me, like my friend and fellow Y instructor Anne, but given how long I am already at the gym teaching, it’s usually difficult to find time to take another huge chunk of time out of my day to hit her classes as often as I’d like. So, I was in a “lifestyle rut,” and have been for several months. I was doing everything right out of habit, but not doing much to improve or push, either in eating or in fitness.

Then, I stumbled upon I realize this is going to sound like an advertisement, but it’s not. This site has given me my motivation back. I’ve added their workouts in each morning that I don’t teach. On days I teach in the evenings, I do one of the shorter (4-12 miute) ones, just to kick up my metabolism. And, I am taking some of her diet challenges, too. I eat incredibly well most of the time already, but there are some things I need to tweak, and this is really helping me stay on track with it. I’m already seeing and feeling a difference, and it’s only been about a week.  So, starting next week, you’ll see some recipes here, too! We didn’t do the meal plan around it this week, but Thadd’s being very supportive, and so we’re going to use some of the diet challenges in the coming weeks. He’ll need far more calories than me, of course, so lots of snacks and smoothies for him!

Here’s the starting point:

Yeah, crappy webcam. Sorry. Anyway, this is where I started with the new motivation. At 39, I am fit and feel good, but I am excited that I already feel better. There have been a few other changes in my lifestyle, as well, including being a lot more rigorous about not eating calcium (or at least as little as I can manage) at breakfast. It’s one of those dumb little things I always forget about, but it makes my adrenal meds less effective when I eat it within about 3 hours of taking them. So, this has helped, too. I’ll check back in a month or two, and see if I am still motivated, and where it’s gotten me.

I’d love to hear about your diet and fitness challenges. How do you stay motivated?


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