On the Menu

I am not going to bother backlogging my meal plans for the time my internet was down, so we’ll just pick up with this week’s. It’s August, so that means a lot of fresh produce and veggies!


Monday: Black Bean Chicken. This is a recipe from my friend, Bethany, that is great for days when you just don’t have time to cook. It’s done in the slow-cooker, is healthy, and makes a pile of leftovers (which is good for us, since Thadd’s taking his lunches to work).

Tuesday: Chickpea saag over brown rice. Thadd’s night to cook. He’s really perfected this Indian dish, and while it’s usually served as a side, it works great for us as a main course. And, talk about getting in your veggies!

Wednesday: Crustless quiche and tuna salad sandwhiches. A great meal for hot days, crustless quiche is fantastic served right out of the over, or cold. It’s also a great way to use up those little bits of leftover veggies, which we’ll be doing here. It’ll be sort of a Quiche Lorraine, since we have a lot of greens and tomatoes. Serving it with tuna salad on the bread Thadd made from our grain-CSA whole wheat (locally & organically grown whole wheat, freshly ground). I have to say, this stuff has totally converted me to using fresh-ground grains. It’s so much better than pre-ground that I don’t have words. He made tortillas out of it last week, and they were just spectacular.

Thursday: Lasagna with salad and garlic foccacia bread. The lasagna was made earlier this week, when I was running the over anyway. It’s got all kinds of goodies in it, from grass-fed beef to fresh tomatoes and greens. The bread is another one of Thadd’s latest creations using some flavored oils we made out of our dehydrated tomatoes and herbs. It’s so good.

Friday: Thai Peanut Noodles with Scallops. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it doesn’t leave a ton of leftovers. We’ll be swamped with leftovers by this point in the week. Scallops were on sale.

Saturday: Grilled fish, with sliced tomatoes and Some Other Veggie.  We’ve got rainbow trout to use up (be watching for the grilled trout recipe I did a while ago to show up in the next week or so!), tomatoes in abundances, and I am hitting the market Saturday.

Sunday: Leftovers.

Lunches: leftovers, sardine & tomato salad lettuce wraps for me, Greek yogurt with fruit. Breakfasts: eggs, oats with coconut milk, leftovers. Snacks: raw milk, fruit, nuts, cheeses, boiled eggs, veggies.

What’s on your menu?


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