The Garden

An online-friend and fellow healthy-n-frugal foodie asked me to post some garden pictures, something I really should have been doing all along, anyway.  We’re really excited to have a garden this year, since it’s the first year we’ve ever been able to have one of our very own. We live in a rental, and didn’t anticipate that the landlords would be keen on the idea of us tilling up the backyard. Turns out, we were wrong! They even tilled for us, how amazing is that? It did go in late, which means we had to plant in too much of a hurry for us to do a lot of what we’d like. But, that’s part of starting a new garden, right? We’re already laying out plans for our fall/winter garden, which will include more co-planting and more careful spacing, for starters.

The garden isn’t huge–we’re certainly not going to be able to live on it alone–but it’s a start. We’ll be putting a lot of it up for winter, and it’ll also help keep our costs down during the summer. Plus, fresh-from-the-garden just tastes better. And, our other neighbor has a garden that must be the size of Texas, because holy cow does that guy have produce. He’s been giving us some of his extras, and we’re going to return the favor in canned goods. Bartering for the win.

So, here it is! (Note: my good camera battery was dead, so these aren’t as beautiful as I’d like. I’ll get around to it soon).

We planted a slew of morning glories around the short fence we put up. This serves three purposes: it makes it really difficult for animals to get into the garden, it attracts loads of pollinators, and mostly it hides the very-functional-but-not-so-pretty fence nicely!

We planted 16 tomato plants, all heirlooms of various varieties. We got our first grape tomatoes this past weekend, and our first big tomato on Tuesday!

Above is the “hedgerow” made by the morning glories. We actually need bigger stakes for some of our tomatoes, which will get done as soon as the temperature drops below 99 degrees. Below, our pickling cucumbers and wax peppers:

And, of course, the basil:

This is just one plant. I have several of these, and I’m having to harvest about every other day. Thankfully we love pesto! Not pictured are several other kinds of peppers, the rest of my herbs, a random accidental volunteer zucchini plant, and my blueberry bushes. I’ll try and get some pictures of them soon.

So far, our harvest has been fabulous. We used one shot of homemade garlic aphid spray, and that was it. No chemicals. We’re looking forward to a long season of eating food from right out of our back door, and putting it up for fall and winter, too. I’ve already done a pile of ice-cubed basil (in both water and oil), pesto, sauteed squash, pickles, and some dried hot peppers from the garden.

How is your garden growing? If you’ve got garden pics or a blog, link to it in the comments!


6 responses to “The Garden

  • transplantednorth

    I love watching how other gardens progress. I have my own garden and am about to go off with my boys (if I can get them up) to help tend to the garden at their school. I’ll post some photos of my own garden soon.

  • shwankie

    I’ll definitely be checking your blog for the pictures! I’d love to hear more about their school garden, too. It’s such an wonderful experience for the kids, and I wish more schools would get on board! I volunteered to teach the cooking program at a local school garden for a semester, and the kids and I had such an amazing time. I learned a lot from them 🙂

  • BargainBinge

    I absolutely LOVE these vivid, vibrant and beautiful pictures of your God gifted and given garden goods. Congratulations on your first crop of tomatoes! They look delicious. Ps. I love your little garden frog friend, I decorate mine to. I also have a portable shower radio I hang outside to play music for my garden and a little Bible specifically for it – where I read Scriptures out of. Gardens thrive off additional love and support. Studies show music helps increase growth. Think of it as adding happiness and extra love! I also sing to it… and hang lots of windchimes.

    This post brings pure joy to the heart, thank you so much.

  • shwankie

    BB, thank you for your kind words. My plants get all kinds of interesting music, too! We live next door to a Baptist Church, and they often have choral practice with the doors open. There’s also a band that practices there regularly. And, we get all kinds of music from country to rock to classical from a weekly festival that’s held just down the road,. We also have a neighbor that loves his classic rock (thankfully, so do we!). All kinds of great music, no batteries or additional electric–total bargain! Maybe that’s why my tomatoes have done so well this year!

    • BargainBinge

      Now that is what I call the total musical hook up Shawn! I LOVE IT, especially the Gospel church. That is so awesome. Do you attend church?

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