On the Menu, A Missed Week’s Ketchup..Er, Catch-Up

The Cooler Challenge series was awesome, and a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed it as much as Gaylin and I did, and let us know if you try any of the recipes. Or, maybe you’ll take the challenge yourself, and share what you came up with! Either way, it did means some of my regularly-scheduled stuff got put off, including last week’s On the Menu. So, here is what we were eating last week:


Sunday: Leftovers. We each had plans that meant we wouldn’t be home to cook or eat together, so we cleaned out the refrigerator.

Monday: Grilled Indian  tofu and vegetable kebobs, with grilled salt & olive oil porgi, over brown rice in stock. Twin Oaks tofu is hand-made from local, non-GMO soybeans, and it’s spoiled me for other tofu. It’s got an amazing texture and a really meaty, nutty taste (I realize those two things sound weird together, but trust me). The veggies & tofu are rubbed in an Indian BBQ rub, and the chicken is cooked in homemade chicken stock. Now, here’s the weird part, I guess. We had some porgi, which is a fish, in the freezer. It’s kind of a long story as to why, but it needed to be eaten. There wasn’t enough for a meal in and of itself, so we decided to put it with another light main course.  I brushed it in olive oil, sprinkled it with black sea salt and fresh-crushed pepper, and tossed it on the grill. It was great!

Tuesday: Homemade multi-cheese mac & cheese, with fresh vegetables and smoked sausage. Served with salad. It was a week to clean out the refrigerator, apparently. Turns out we had a bazillion small bits of cheese, from smoked mozzarella to cream cheese, all local, that needed to be used up ASAP.  I tossed in some squash from our awesome neighbor, who has a garden the size of Toledo I think, some spinach, and a few other bits of veggies that I had lying around. I also put in some smoked sausage, though it wasn’t (unfortunately) local. We really need to buy a quarter hog. Anyway, the whole meal was rounded out with a fresh greens salad.

Wednesday: Cauliflower and Potato burritos. Vegetarian night. This recipe was originally from Vegetarian Times, but since their server is apparently having issues I can’t link it right now. It’s hefty and spicy and wonderful! It was also made with potatoes from that same awesome neighbor who gave us the squash.

Thursday: Grilled Chicken and Potatoes, with grilled balsamic squash. Thadd’s night to cook, and I am on the go. We’re using up potatoes and squash here, too! We did “hobo potatoes,” which is essentially a foil packet with olive oil, butter, pepper, sea salt, onions, and potatoes tossed on the grill. The squash were sliced lengthwise, the salted and allowed to set for about 15 minutes to remove some of the water. The salt was wiped off, and they were coated with a blended mix of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and basil.

Friday: Jambalaya. I have no idea why, but I have been craving this for a while now. It’s a great way to stretch meat, though I leave the chicken out most of the time.

Saturday: We had some friends over for Ethiopian!

Luches:  Leftovers for the most part, though I’m doing a lot of raw milk smoothies because I don’t get hungry in the heat. Breakfasts: Greek yogurt, fruit, homemade bread for toast, lots of pastured eggs, raw milk. Snacks: raw milk yogurt cheese (made from our milk), edamame and walnut mint pate, boiled eggs, fruit, other cheeses, nuts.

What’s your plan for the week?


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