On the Menu, Staying Cool Edition

This week has already called for some change of plans. Thadd’s internship and my crazy work schedule have changed this up both Sunday and Monday, and I expect that to continue through the week. So, we bought dinner fixin’s, and we’ve got a plan, but we made sure the meals were fluid enough to be moved around to another weekday if necessary.

The other consideration that comes into play for the next several months is how to cook without heating the house up much. We eat a lot of cold meals, a lot of items from the grill, and a lot of slow cooker dinners .Yep, slow cooker in the summer. Really, this is a life-saver. You get a great meal with little work and minimal temperature raising. Honestly, I probably use my slow cookers more in the summer than I do the winter.  You can read more of my tips for summer cooking here!


Sunday: Lion’s Man mushroom & sugar snap pea pasta, in lemon butter sauce. There were fresh mushrooms at the market, and we just could not pass them up. These are some of our favorite mushrooms, with a rich taste a lot like lobster. So, I whipped up some whole wheat pasta, seared the peas, and slow cooked the mushrooms with a hint of white wine and garlic. Topped it off with the butter & cream sauce. It was delicious.

Monday:  Grilled roasted chicken, with sweet corn and roasted asparagus.  We oiled then rubbed the chicken with this wonderful Indian bbq rub we got from the Charlottesville Market, set it on the beer-can rack with a can of PBR (I can’t believe I just had to type that I used PBR for something) in the cavity (that’s the least obscene way I can think of to say that), which was in my cast iron pan. The whole thing, as well as the corn and asparagus, went on the grills. The chicken was an amazing dinner, and the rest of the meat will make lunches this week. The carcass is going to make soup stock for saag for next week. After removing dinner from the grill, we tossed on sweet potatoes to slow roast. They’ll be going into a sweet potato pie next week.

Tuesday: Tofu and vegetable stir-fry. Thadd’s at his internship, and I have to work tonight. We need something fast and light, and we have tofu left from Twin Oaks.

Wednesday: Haggis with potatoes and asparagus.  This is a crock pot recipe originally from A Year of Slow Cooking, but I’ve tweaked it since I can’t have lamb. It’s not a “real” haggis, but it’s as close as we’re likely to get any time soon because I just don’t have the time to hunt yet another weird food item.

Thursday: Venison medallions in lager sauce, over Parmesan Rice. We’ve got all the ingredients for this, and I need to use up that venison. It sounds fancy, but it’s essentially venison in beer and mushrooms, with cooked rice made in stock with some spices and cheese. It is really yummy, though.

Friday:  Pulled Carolina BBQ chicken over quinoa, with vegetable. Yep, another slow cooker meal, and the quinoa cooks in the rice cooker. Easy, quick, healthy, and doesn’t heat the house up much.

Saturday: market day. We’ll see what’s at the market and go from there.

What are you eating this week?


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