Back to Basics, Nutrition Rule 4

Get crappy food out of the house. Throw it out, donate it, whatever.


Here’s the deal: I occasionally eat a Butterfinger, or ice cream. But, we don’t keep them in the house. If I want something like this, I have to go get it. Because the dirty little truth is that if I keep it in the house, I’ll do exactly what most of us will do: I’ll eat it all, and I’ll do it in a far shorter time than is healthy or wise.If I have to go get it, I think more about it, and almost always make the healthier choice. Those treats are about instant gratification, and it’s not “instant” if I have to run my behind to the store to get it.

I am not saying you can never have your favorite candy bar again (obviously), or that you can’t ever get take-out. I am saying that almost everyone makes far healthier eating choices if they have to think about them. If they’re on hand, we tend to over-eat them, because they’re easy.


Keep replacements in the house. Want crunchy? Grab roasted nuts. Want sweet? Grab an orange or apple. Want salty? Grab some pickles. Want fatty? Grab the cheese. Considering frozen pizza for dinner? Make an easy homemade crust and throw on some tomato sauce, cheese, and your other favorite toppings (yes, this is still way better for you than DiGiorno, or however it’s spelled).  You get the idea.

Usually, you’ll find that if you satisfy your craving with a healthier food, the want for an unhealthy one will subside.

This series will take a break over the weekend, and return Monday with rule 5!


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