Back to Basics Series: Rule 1

As I promised, each rule on my “Back to Basics” nutrition steps are going to get their own posts. I don’t intend to go into deep science here, as hat is a lot of what seems to be confusing for people.  There is a lot of hard science to back what I am saying, and I may end up going into more detail at a later date (and, it’s already in many of my archived posts). For this, though, I wanted basic information people can get started on right away, with solid and easy-to-understand foundations.

Rule 1: Do not eat prepackaged or precooked foods. Period. Put it back on the shelf.


-Prepackaged and precooked foods usually contain a lot of additives that are bad for you, and that are linked to everything from obesity to diabetes to cancer. Also, many contain additives that can actually make you hungrier.

-You are likely to eat more of them than the stated portion size. Most “foods” of this type have unrealistically small portions sizes, and most people eat far more than that. So, while you think you’re getting 100 calories, you could be getting far, far more.

-Empty calories. Your body can tell the difference in the types of calories you put into your body. For example, fructose and sucrose–two types of sugar–are processed in a completely different way.  This means that you will retain fat in different amounts from different foods.  Highly processed foods metabolize more quickly, and send signals to your body that there is an excess amount of energy available, which it stores as fat. Whole grains, lean proteins, and produce metabolize more slowly, and so are less likely to get stored as fat.

-You are likely to feel less satisfied, and therefore eat more. Processed foods often do not trigger the hormonal response your body needs to feel satisfied. They can trigger the production of Ghrelin, the “hunger hormone,” and suppress the production and uptake of the hormone that signals your full and that your body needs to metabolize, Leptin.

Aside from seeing you through an emergency when you have no power or clean water, processed foods do nothing good for you. They’re not only not worth eating, they sabotage healthy weight maintenance, and they don’t taste nearly as good as the real thing!


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