Stop Complicating Things. Eating Well Isn’t Magic.

Thadd suggested I take things back to basics for a few posts. Simple, rational, truthful nutrition information and guidelines without the hype. I realize there’s a lot of confusing information out there about how to eat well, but most of it is smoke and mirrors. Yes, there are about a million niche diets (or, if you prefer, “lifestyles”) from vegan to paleo. But, most people aren’t going that route, at least not initially, because going from pizza 3 nights a week to veganism or locavore is just too big a switch too fast.

Start simple. Here are the 10 rules that I follow to eat healthy. Follow them. You will feel better, you will start coming to a healthy weight (medical conditions aside), and you will not get confused. To read my post on each one, just click on it.

1. Do not eat prepackaged or precooked foods. Period. Put it back on the shelf.

2. Eat whole foods. Ideally, they shouldn’t need an ingredient label, but if they do, no more than 5 ingredients and nothing you can’t pronounce.

3. Stop eating processed sugars. There’s no good in this. Eat fruit.

4. Throw our your crap food. Donate it, put it in the trash, whatever. Just get it out of your house.

5. No fast food.

6. Eat more vegetables. I don’t care if you don’t like them, eat them anyway.

7. Eat lean proteins. If you can’t afford quality meat, cut down on your meat consumption and find alternatives.

8.  Plan meals. Spontaneous eating just doesn’t work for most people.

9. Get a hobby. Boredom eating will steer you wrong every time.

10. Cook.

I’m going to do posts on all of these individually, but you can get started right now. It does take a lifestyle change, and it does take some willpower. If you’re not willing to do that, I can’t help you. If you’re ready, we’ll take these changes one at a time, and get moving into a healthier way of eating that is simple and tasty. And, most importantly, fun.


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