There’s a Joke About People Who Live In Glass Houses…

But, it’s really overdone, so I decided not to use it as the title of my post. The last winery on the Appellation Wine Trail Tour for us was, indeed, Glass House Winery.  This was the only winery on the trail we’d been to before, and it was a great place to end.

The winery itself is gorgeous, and though we did out tasting inside at the bar (they were too busy to do them in the greenhouse), we all ended up with glasses of wine out among the tropical plants and live music. This was a perfect way to warm up and end the day after a chilling rain-soaked day. But, onto the wines:

I took lousy notes. It was crowded, it was the last winery of the day and I was wet and my palette was more than a little tired. This means my review will not be quite as comprehensive as my others, and I encourage you to remember that when reading.

So, I’ll say that overall I am not a big fan of their whites, the Pinot Gris and the Viogner.  They’re not bad, they’re just okay.  I’m coming to really like some Viogners, which I tried on the recommendation of a friend, but Glass House’s just falls flat for me.

I am far more impressed by the reds I’ve tasted here, Thadd and I both ended up with glasses of the Cvillan. It was full, fruit forward, and had a nice finish. We didn’t taste the Barbara (I think they’re sold out..either that, or I was in the bathroom, which is possible).

They also do a dessert wine, the Meglio del Sesso. This is a really nice dessert wine, full of chocolate flavor without being syrupy. This, I was told on my last visit, is because it’s infused with real chocolate. Which is appropriate, because the winemaker’s wife makes the most divine chocolates (my favorites are her wine and her earl gray…mmmm!). Our friends each got a glass of this for our wind-down greenhouse sitting.

I will say the pours here were really small. I suspect it’s because the tasting room staffer we had knew we’d been to several other wineries, and as I’d been here before, I was fine with it. On another day, though, I’d probably have wanted a slightly larger pour for tasting.

Overall, the day was a huge success, and Glass House was the perfect ending!


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