Friday Short One

I am over trained, and tired. As I continue recovering from the bug that had me coughing so hard I vomited everything I did manage to choke down (for three days, and a total of 6 pounds I didn’t need to lose), I have to continually try and be aware that I am not 100% yet.  It’s hard for me, because I don’t really understand “relax” and “recover,” as Thadd will happily expound on if you let him.

So, what’s this got to do with food? A few things. First, it’s a great illustration of what happens when I eat really poorly, don’t sleep, and have way too much stress. I ended up eating…and I know my regular readers are going to be incredibly disappointed here…fast food. For about a week. I had exactly one home-cooked meal in 7 days, and the rest was fast and nasty. I suppose there’s not a lot of excuse for this in most people’s view, but I’ll try anyway. My trip back to MI was sudden, and I had to rearrange my schedule with nothing short of Herculean effort to make it at all. I drove about 14 hours each way, by myself. There was family to deal with,  and I just couldn’t really get away to go shopping and cook. There was no time, and there were people who needed me to be there. In short, I guess I wasn’t really willing to sacrifice my family’s feelings and the support I was there to give  for the short time I was there, and did what I felt I had to do. Which included choking down whatever was available when it was in front of me.

Now, I am nourishing my body back to health. I can’t even stand the sight of fast food (not that I really could before my trip). Lots of fruits, pastured eggs, local honey, and raw milk. My recovery is going really well, and I’m back to life as it was before the trip and the illness.  The good news is that the illness broke really fast once I was able to rest at all, and I’ve gained ground really fast. Just like losing weight, though, that last 10% is always the hardest.

I am considering trying to figure out an “emergency” bag or stock of reasonable road food, but I can’t really do dried fruit and nuts for 14 hours. Whatever it is has to be fast, easy, and not require more than a minute or two of prep when I stop at rest areas. Thus far, I am coming up pretty shy on ideas. Anyone out there have emergency trip food that is healthy, storable, filling, and ready-to-go?

Photo note: First two are MI scenery from my trip two years ago. Last pic is a recent one of me.


5 responses to “Friday Short One

  • Tina

    Matzo, whole wheat crackers or pretzels, Justin’s Organic peanut or almond butter packets, Clif/Luna/Kashi bars, granola or muesli, whole wheat pita or baked pita chips. Toss into a cooler: hummus, string cheese/cheese slices, baby carrots/peppers/cucumbers etc, cottage cheese (Breakstone mini’s?), salsa, hard boiled eggs.

  • Tina

    Oh! Pre-boiled whole wheat noodles or brown rice (quinoa, barley), just add salsa, stir, eat.

  • shwankie

    Tina, thanks. I hadn’t thought about Matzo! I love matzo! Peanut butter packets? Hm..those I haven’t seen. Where are you getting those, they sound perfect (I have a Whole Foods in Cville I can hit about once a month)? I live in the land of crappy shopping (no, really, it’s awful), and have to drive about an hour for anything resembling an organic/natural selection that is more than just the occasional head of lettuce and some raisins. There is one store that carries tempeh, sometimes. Our “natural foods store” doesn’t carry tempeh, seitan, buckwheat, red or black quinoa, basmati rice, etc. Needless to say, we stock up when we go to Cville (I just bought 20 lbs of red lentils at Integral yoga there, because I literally cannot get them anywhere in town). I did toss in some Cliff bars, and I need to whip up some granola and freeze it for things like this–I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for those ideas!

    I have no idea why I didn’t grab any cheese. Really, we have like 5 pounds of it in the refrigerator at all times. Silly me! The cooler stuff is harder, mostly because this was rushed enough I didn’t have time to go shopping or cook, and we don’t keep a lot of it in the refrigerator, but make it as we eat it. The hummus is a great idea, and it freezes just fine, so I could make up some “minis” of that! I can no longer stomach store-bought cottage cheese, unfortunately, it just icks me out. I *love* hard boiled eggs, though. My current issue: my eggs are too fresh. I need to grab a dozen, mark them, and sit them in the back of the refrigerator for a week or so. I keep forgetting to do this until I think “hey, you know what I’d like? Some boiled eggs! Oh, wait….” Fresh eggs just do not peel–you lose half the egg!

    I figure if I can get my vary own “care package” together, next time I can avoid some of the stress of a family emergency. Thank you so much for the ideas!

  • Tina

    Depending on how palatable they are cold, vacuum-packed meals like Tasty Bite’s chickpea and lentil dishes (or Jaipur vegetables) would certainly be healthier than fast food.

  • Tina

    Oops, didn’t realize until just now you’d replied to my first two posts, my last post must have been made at the same time as yours. Yes, I did find the peanut butter packets at Whole Foods, they have plain peanut butter, cinnamon, honey, and I believe they make an almond butter as well. Matzo occured to me because I’d just helped Jennie clean out her chemetz for passover, and it seemed like something that would go well with peanut butter or hummus, but wouldn’t go moldy like bread would. Glad you liked the ideas!:)

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