Catching Up on Where I’ve Been

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for their support and patience. It’s been a difficult several weeks here at Renaissance Cuisine, and while I won’t go into details, I do feel like I should at least give folks an idea of why I’ve been so lax about blogging and tweeting.

Primarily, my absence has been family related. There were two deaths in my family, both of which hit the family very hard in very different ways.  There was the travel, and the stress, and unfortunately all that led to the flu. I was hit pretty hard, but fortunately once I got home and was able to sleep a bit and eat some real food (I didn’t have the capability to eat much but pre-prepared and fast foods while I was’s a long story, and I don’t want to talk about it), my immune system kicked in fairly quickly. Once my fever broke yesterday, I started to recover pretty quickly. So, today, I am finally up and around, and able to look at a computer screen without wanting to scream in head-achy pain.

I am far, far behind in blogging, with a pile of photos and recipes to put up. I have a few food rants, a nice story about one positive thing during my trip involving getting to re-know a cousin who shares my food paradigm, and a post about why my immune system utterly failed me in the works. But, you won’t likely see any of that until next week because I also have Real Life to catch up. Clients, laundry, continued issues surrounding the passing of loved ones (and all the legal crap that involves), cooking, cleaning (though Thadd did a wonderful job of keeping the house up while I was gone), and most importantly spending time with my sweetheart and my cats (the cats have already gotten more time with me than Thadd. In fact, one of them is laying on my lap helping me type this post).

So, please bear with me for just a while longer.  I’ll be back in full force soon, probably by Wednesday or Thursday next week. In the meantime, visit some of the awesome folks on my blogroll, leave me a comment about how you deal with stressful situations or getting sick, or just read some of my archives.


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