On the Menu

I know I said the dolmas recipe would be up first, but I currently can’t locate my camera’s USB cable. It’s coming, it’s just delayed. So, let’s start with what we’re eating this week, a.k.a.

On The Menu for March 6th – 12th


Sunday: Shawn’s Shape-It-Up meatloaf, with whipped sweet potatoes and mixed green veggies. The meatloaf turned out especially well this time, for no reason I can really discern. I didn’t do anything different, and it’s always really great meatloaf, but apparently there was a little residual magic in the air or something. Anyway, you’ve all seen the recipe and the pics here before. The green veggies were just a melange of bits and bobs of green things we needed to use up: Brussel sprouts, peas, spinach, edamame, and some broccoli. They were all cooked from previous meals, and were reat heated  up with some smoked salt and truffle oil.

Monday: Thai Coconut Chicken with black quinoa. I made this for my client, and knew ahead of time that if I did that I’d only be satisfied if I made it for us, too.  It’s a bit spicy, and I served it with green beans.

Tuesday: Venison & vegetable kabobs, with mixed wild rice. Someday soon, Thadd and I hope to collect our own wild rice, in addition to the other stuff we collect. Yes, I’ve been reading again. Since we’re not there yet, I stopped by Integral Yoga when I was in Cville and picked up some of the good stuff. Thadd’s going to grill these tomorrow while I’m off teaching a spin class, and I can’t wait to come home to this dinner. We love venison, and since this is our last package (hopefully I’ll get some more sometime this summer when I go home or family comes here), I’m going to savor it.

Wednesday: Jambalaya. I’ve done this in the crockpot, but it’s honestly just as fast to do it on the stove top. We’ve got some sausage to use up, and for whatever reason Kroger has okra on sale this week (seriously, I’ve never seen this before. And before you ask, no, it’s not organic. I can’t actually find organic okra anywhere in this town).

Thursday: Grilled tofu and Brussel Sprouts, with Asian slaw. I just picked up some obscene amount of tofu, also from Integral yoga (local, organic, non-GMO, hand-made, and weirdly cheap), and the herbed stuff grills like a dream.  The Asian slaw I make has huge flavor and low calories, so I can completely gorge and not feel bad.

Friday: Fish. Yep, that’s all I’ve got there. We’ll go in and see what’s fresh and sustainable, and plan around it.

Saturday: We plan on being out, so we’ll have to eat on the run.

Breakfasts: Various hot cereals (millet, steel cut oats, fermented oats, etc.), farm fresh eggs, Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, homemade toast, tea.

Lunches: Mostly leftovers, with additional smoothies, cheese, almonds (I roasted up both vanilla-almond-cinnamon and lime-chipotle the other day), and fruit


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