On the Menu, Feb. 14th edition

Short and sweet, this is what our weekly menu looks like:’

Monday: Samosa pie with pineapple and raisin chutney, and chicken tikka masala. I love this pie from Vegetarian Times.  Yummy, and frugal ta boot!

Tuesday: Smoked sausage with saurkraut and potatoes. Yes, there’s a lot of potatoes this week. We have some to use up. I work late on Tuesdays, and Thadd’s got a late day at school; so, this is a fast meal that uses up some leftover ingredients.

Wednesday:  Shawn’s Indian & Chocolate Chili. It’s heading towards spring here, with temperatures hitting the 60s this week. This could be the last time we have this until next Fall.

Thursday: Chicken with roasted broccoli and spaghetti squash. We use spaghetti squash just like we would noodles. In this case, I’ll make a light sauce from the chicken drippings, and toss the chicken and broccoli in with the squash.

Friday: Tofu saag over brown basamati rice. Saag is kind of like a stew. This one will have Twin Oaks tofu, spinach, and mustard greens. It’s really rich and filling but naturally low-fat and low-calorie, and is one of Thadd’s specialties.

Saturday: Black Bean burgers with some kind of vegetable and bulgar pilaf. These are the black bean burgers I served at the Will Allen seminar that went over so well. They’re fabulous, and vegan! I don’t us a bun, but Thadd does. We top them with a cucumber relish and tomato (and sometimes mushrooms or cheese).

As always, lunches are mostly leftovers. Breakfasts are the usual suspects. What are you eating this week?


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