Monday Healthy Eating, Feb. 14th edition

Nope, no Valentine’s Day post.

This week’s tip is really about a healthy lifestyle as much as it is eating and diet:

Surround yourself with positive influences, in every way, that mirror what you want to be.

What does that mean? It means that if your friends sit around and play computer games all day and eat chips and get upset you won’t do the same, pressure or taunt you to eat junk or make fun of you for going to the gym, you probably need to get some new friends. I know this sucks, and I am not saying give up friends totally; but, I am saying find additional, alternative people who value what you are trying to do and will help you keep on track. If you want to eat right and lose weight, find people who eat right and are a healthy weight or are losing weight on a healthy plan, and form a support network. If you want to be more physically fit, find people who are working on that goal or already there, too.

Surrounding yourself with negative influences can make it incredibly difficult to stay on track. It is hard to add people to friend groups, but it’s important to give yourself the best chance to succeed. If you want to lose weight, ask the person who’s done it how they did it, not the person handing you the box of Little Debbie’s.

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