Always Wanted A Personal Chef?

Well, if you live in Charlottesville or Lynchburg, Va (or anywhere in between), now’s your chance. I have one client opening on Mondays starting in March.

What is Personal Chef service?  First, we talk about your food preferences and goal. Then,  every week you get a menu personalized to your specifications, including food preferences, dietary needs, and portions. You’ll come home to a refrigerator full of gourmet, healthful food an a clean kitchen, without the stress of planning, cooking, or shopping. For most people and families, it’s less expensive than eating out! For those looking to manage or lose weight, or working with special medical conditions, a Personal Chef can be  a vital part of your success.

I specialize in local foods, like the chicken from Davis Creek and the roots from other area farms. Special diets are welcome, including weight management, diabetes, vegetarian, locavore, CR, South Beach, Weight Watchers, Celiac, and more. Menus can be as diverse as you want, including traditional cuisines from a variety of cultures, or as down-home as Grandma used to make. (You can see menu samples here). I’m also happy to work with your CSA, or vegetables from your own garden.

If you’re interested in more information, please contact me using the “contact” field to the right, and include your name, email address, and the city in which you live, as well as any dietary concerns of other questions. References are always available. I look forward to hearing from you!



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