Healthy Eating and On the Menu

This week, try to skip simple carbs for two meals. Replace the bread with a vegetable, a potato for a sweet potato or brown rice. Why? You’ll stay fuller longer,  you’ll increase your fiber intake, and you’ll help control your blood sugar. All these things also make it easier to maintain a healthy weight, so it’s a win all around!

So, what are we eating this week?

Monday-Garden Cannelloni with green salad. Whole wheat lasagna noodles, no ricotta cheese (no one ever misses it, anyway), lots of spinach, low-fat cottage cheese, roasted garlic, bulgar, and canellini beans in homemade red sauce. Yum!

Tuesday–Black bean burritos, with dirty rice. I already did the black beans up in the slow cooker, so all that needs to be done is reheating and assembly.

Wednesday–Goose & vegetable kabobs over whole wheat couscous. We need to use up the rest of the frozen goose breast, and it’s fabulous on kabobs.

Thursday–Falafel with homemade flat bread and mujadera. We both love Middle Eastern food, and we have some chickpeas to use up. It also gives Thadd a chance to make some whole wheat flatbread.

Friday–Shawn’s Shape It Up Meatloaf, with whipped sweet potatoes and a TBD veggie. My meatloaf has spinach, black beans, lentils, rice, and some other stuff mixed in with the meat. It stretches the meat, makes the dish healthier, and adds a lot of flavor.

Saturday–Bean and lentil bolognese. We love this hearty, meatless dish. It’s easy, quick, and filling. Oh, and frugal!

Sunday–Black bean and yam chili. We are going to be gone all day, and needed a slow cooker dish. This is spicy and rich, so should be perfect after a day of light fare and wine tasting with friends.


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