On the Menu

So, what’ on for this week? Let’s have a look-see:


Sunday: Udon. This is a Japanese soup with a fish-stock base called “dashi.” This is leftover from Thadd’s birthday party on Saturday, and is one of the things I crave (along with miso soup) when I am sick. Fortunately, I am not sick.

Monday: Tofu stirfry over brown basmati rice. Twin Oaks makes non GMO, certified organic tofu that is fabulous. I won’t eat most other tofu, but this stuff is great.

Tuesday: Chicken pot pie. We’ve got some chicken and veggie to use up. This was supposed to happen last week, but I ended up freezing the chicken and veggies because we got to busy to cook it. Thadd’ll whip this up tomorrow night.

Wednesday: Vegetarian Lasagna. This is another of my top-requested recipes. I’ve made it really healthy with lots of veggies, whole wheat noodles, and no ricotta cheese. No one, and I mean literally no one, has ever noticed the lack of ricotta, and pretty much everyone who has it asks for the recipe. Even meat eaters!

Thursday: Indian Chicken over mixed rice. This is a slow cooker meal adapted from A Year of Slow Cooking (I use a lot more spice). It’s become a favorite here because it’s spicy and makes a ton of leftovers.

Friday: Fish with whole wheat couscous and vegetables. We try to eat seafood once a week, and ideally do so in a sustainable way from a local market. Hence, the generic “fish.” It depends what they have in at a price we can afford.

The lunches are leftover as usual, and breakfasts will be steel-cut and fermented rolled oats, eggs, homemade wheat bread toast, fruit, and Greek yogurt.

What are you eating this week?



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