Monday Healthy Eating and On the Menu!

Brussels Sprouts

Image by Esteban Cavrico via Flickr

Hey, look, it’s Monday and my blog is updated! Hooray!

Today’s healthy eating tip is to eat a salad before every dinner. I don’t mean potato salad, or bean salad–I mean green salad. Why? Because it provides the fiber most American’s are sorely lacking, the greens are full of vitamins, and it’ll help fill you up before you get to your entree (which means you’re likely to eat less).

And, as an added bonus, a look at our menu for the week:



Sunday: Shawn’s Shape it Up Meatloaf, with roasted squash and truffle & smoked sea salt Brussel sprouts. Sound extravagant, eh? It’s not, really. The meatloaf is a top-requested recipe that includes black beans and spinach, which makes it both healthier and extends the meat inexpensively. The squash was in the pantry and needed to be used up. The sprouts were frozen (which, at this time of year, is far superior quality to fresh around here), so I just roasted them and added a light drizzle of black truffle oil and a sprinkle of smoked salt. The oil is expensive (about $12 a container), but it lasts me forever, and adds a lot of pizzaz to otherwise ho-hum foods. Add it to potatoes along with Cream of Tartar, and they’ll be spectacular.

Monday: Potato & leek soup, with garlic bread. A friend of ours has a spectacular garden, and she grew leeks this year. She surprised me with a bagful the other day, and I’m so excited! They’re generally too expensive for us to buy, so this is a real treat.

Tuesday: Falafel, with coucous and cucumber yoghurt salad. Thadd’s night to cook! I cooked up the dried garbanzos for the falafel in the crockpot yesterday, so they’re nice and soft for the falafel. This is a great, protein-rich meal that’s fun and inexpensive.

Wednesday: Chicken pot pie. Thadd’s second night to cook this week. This will use up some leftover veggies, and is a great cold-weather comfort food. Homemade whole-wheat crust!

Thursday:  Vegetable korma over brown basmati rice. As most of my readers know, we love Indian food. This is a really quick, healthy dish I grabbed from Vegetarian Times. Since this is one of my really long days, it’s perfect.

Friday: Goose and vegetable kabobs. Thanks to my enterprising and devoted nephews, I’ve got just enough goose left over in the freezer to whip these up for Thadd and I. They’ll go over black quinoa.

Saturday. This is a special day here. Thadd turns 30! We’re doing an udon bar and some sushi. I’ll make the udon, we’ll buy the sushi (neither of us are any good at rolling it, and it’s actually no cheaper to make it given we have to buy a minimum of a half pound of each fish we want from the local market, which is the only place that sells sushi-grade)

Lunches, as always, will be largely leftovers. Breakfasts will be eggs, toast, fermented oats, Greek yogurt, fruit, and fresh milk (not all at once, obviously).

What are you eating this week?


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