A New Blog Feature?

I’m going to have to start calling it “I Fail at Blogging Mondays,” since apparently my Healthy Eating feature–supposedly on Mondays–keeps getting shunted to…well, whenever I get around to it.

Which isn’t going to be this week. My client load is crazy, as one client is leaving at the beginning of February but their replacement has already come on board. So, I am taking a hiatus from Healthy Eating for about two weeks. I’m going to be posting short, healthy eating tips on my Renaissance Cuisine Facebook page throughout the week in the meantime, and you can get short fit tips on my fitness Facebook page.

In totally unrelated news, we’re in the middle of trying to go no-waste, and composting will start up this week. We need to get a reasonable container (by which I mean one that raccoons and stray cats and dogs can’t open), and then all of our scraps that aren’t used for stock will go to Lynchburg College (Thadd’s helping start up their composting program there). Since we eat largely whole foods, we have a ton of things like green pepper tops and seeds, onion skins (they get used for stock, but then they’ll get composted), etc.

In addition to composting, leftovers now have their own shelf so that we both know they’re there to be eaten, and “extra” ingredients–like that single turnip or half an onion that didn’t get used–is being listed on the whiteboard on our refrigerator.  So far, we’re progressing towards no-waste nicely, and hopefully we’ll continue to improve.



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