Monday Healthy Eating: Jan. 11, 2011

Don’t eat in front of your TV, your computer, your video game console, or your book. When you eat, eat like an adult: at a table, with silverware and a napkin, taking time to enjoy your food. And, like our grandparents taught our parents, teach your kids to eat like an adult.

Why? Because study after study shows that eating while distracted means poorer food and eating choices, including overeating and empty calories.

Make your dinner time a dinner time, and your TV time a TV time. Don’t let the two intersect, and don’t let your children do it, either. Kids eat up to twice as many calories when they eat in front of the television as they do when they sit down to eat undistracted. Adults aren’t much better.

Plus, and this is important to me as an avid food lover, you should be enjoying your food, not just swallowing it. The more time you spend savoring your food, the quicker your reach satiety, so you’ll not only enjoy your food more while eating less.


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