The Chef’S Jacket

My friend and source of endless inspiration, Gaylin, blogs over at “The Chef’s Jacket.” I don’t hawk here often for bloggers (though there are some fantastic blogs over there on my blogroll that I highly recommend),  but if you’re not reading her, you’re missing some seriously fabulous posts and recipes. She and I share a general paradigm in food, and I am looking forward to the day when I can sport her cookbook on my shelf (I don’t actually know if she’s planning one, but I am hoping this not-so-subtle hint won’t go unnoticed).

Honestly, Gaylin’s a better cook than me. Her recipes inspire me, and her blogs make me laugh. So, while you’re waiting for my posts on healthy eating, how we’re going no-waste, and more recipes, hop over there and take a read. It’s worth it.


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