Client Opening

For anyone who might be interested, I’ll be taking on one new client in January in Lynchburg, Roanoke, or the surrounding areas. If you’d like to be that client, or know someone else who might be interested, feel free to give me an email (there’s a “contact me” link to the right) and we can talk details.

I’m a great gift, to yourself or for someone you know! Whether it’s help keeping a New Year’s resolution for a healthier lifestyle, an interest in local foods, a present for a busy parent,  a way to pamper someone you love, quality meals for an expectant or new mom, or nutrition advice or meals for someone with a health challenge, I can help. And, I can do it for less than the cost of eating out!

Want more information first? Check out my sample menus, and Personal Chef Services pages to learn more. Or, ask me via email or in the comments (please do not leave personal information in my comments–it’s available to anyone, and the last thing we want are crazy stalkers from the internet getting your phone number or address, right?).


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