Friday Fast Ones

So, the internet is holding, at least for the moment. I’m not getting too excited, because given Verizon’s track record, I’m fairly sure that’s not going to last. But, while it does, let’s get into some food politics, shall we?

The big Friday Fast One: S. 510 passed the Senate, and is now onto the House. What this means to you: there are a lot of provisions in this bill that would hurt small farmers, and go a long way towards supporting AgriBusiness as the only option for food and seed sourcing. You can read all about this on pretty much every locavore site on the web (this is a good source), so I’m not going to reiterate it all here. It’s important this bill not be passed in it’s current form, or those small, local farmers we know and love could face losing their livelihoods. And, we could be facing losing our sources for healthy, local foods.

This is important enough that I am going to leave it there, and get to more food news next week. Take action, and enjoy your weekend!


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