Turkey Monster

One of my clients wanted a turkey, and I managed to find a great farm that still had them available. Actually, Our Father’s Farm is the same farm where we get our milk share. The turkeys are local, 100% pastured, fed non-GMO feed, no hormones or antibiotics. And, they’re huge. No, I mean it. Huge. This fella weighs in at 26lbs!

For comparison, that is a quart jar sitting directly behind the roaster. When we got it out of the cooler, rinsed it, and put it into the roaster for brining, we were shocked at how much breast meat is on here. The client’s family will have no shortage of breast meat. You won’t get to see this big guy finished,  since my clients will be roasting it themselves, but you’ll get to see our somewhat smaller version Thanksgiving day. Right now, he’s bathing in a wine, vegetable broth, salt, and spice brine.

In the meantime, I started the roast.

This is from the same farm, also grass-fed and pastured, no hormones, etc. It was falling-apart tender when I pulled it out of the vacuum-packed bag, and upon completion today it literally fell off the bone. I seared it in cast iron (above) with smoked Cyklon pepper, chili powder, brown sugar, and black pepper. Once seared off , it went into the slow cooker for 10 hours on the lowest heat possible with homemade cranberry sauce, dehydrated onion, and a bunch of spices. It turned out beautifully.

Coming up later: pictures and full recipe for my stuffing and green been casserole!


2 responses to “Turkey Monster

  • rachel

    loving the play by play!! wish I could come cook w you!! I saw the 37lb they had at the farm.. crazy!!! don’t know how Kim’s going to roast that one! we got a 15lb from them 😉

  • shwankie

    Thanks, Rachel! We definitely need to cook together sometime, that would be so fun!

    I didn’t know you guys got a turkey from OFF, that is great! Do you guys get a milk share there?I can’t imagine roasting a 37lb turkey. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t even fit in my oven! We got a 15 pounder for ourselves. The big one is for one of my clients, who is having a very large family gathering. I’m lending them my big roaster, into which it barely fits.

    How are you guys doing your turkey?

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