That’s How We Roll, Part 2. Thanksgiving Event Continues.

Let’s see how long my internet holds today (yeah, I am a bit frustrated).

Next up: Cinnamon rolls. I can’t give you the actual recipe for these, since Thadd pretty much guards it with a booby-trap; but, this is the gist. These are the most amazing cinnamon rolls I’ve ever eaten, and pretty much everyone who’s ever had them agrees.

It all starts here, with the dough:

Then, onto making the filling:

While making the filling, the dough is rising. It about doubles, and gets very fluffy and smoothe:

Layering the filling and rolling them up:

Then, it’s into the oven. A short while later, out comes these golden, yummy beauties:

The vanilla-cream frosting will be given to my clients in a different tub, so that it doesn’t sink in and compromise the fluffiness of the rolls. The kitchen smells divine!

Coming later today: The recipe for my dressing (most requested recipe I’ve ever had), Turkey Monster, roast, green bean casserole, and roasted cranberry sauce!


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