Thanksgiving Mini-Event, Post 2: The Up-Rising.

Hey, I have a lot of cooking to do, so no rude comments about my bad puns!

The cornbread is drying nicely. It’ll stay out the rest of the day and tomorrow to finish crisping up, then I’ll add moisture back in with local VA wine, butter, broth, and fruit.

The ciabatta rolls are progressing nicely, as well. The second rise and kneading:

And it’s ready for the final rise, after which it looks like this:

You can see the difference in the dough now. It’s smooth, not shiny or sticky, pliable, and nicely puffy. So, it’s time to make it into dinner rolls. First, the work surface is liberally dusted.

Thadd’s a very thorough kind of guy:

This is why we have to have someone come in to help us clean the house: neither of us are exactly neat cooks. So, once the surface is floured, the dough is cut into 2 oz. measures and formed into rolls.

And, they’re ready to be baked. They’ll wait here, rising a bit, until the oven is up to 500 degrees.

Next up, later today: finished rolls, Thadd’s Famous Cinnamon Rolls, bird brining and The Monster Turkey. Check back!



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