Thanksgiving Feats Prep–A Mini Event!

Today, tomorrow, and Thursday I’ll be cooking both for our Thanksgiving and for some of my client’s holiday meals.  I’ll update here with picture, from fluffy potatoes to my apple-fig-chestnut cornbread stuffing, from the roasted orange cranberry stuffing the herb-and-wine brined, 100% pastured, local turkeys from Our Father’s Farm (including the 26 pounder–this bird is a monster!).

I’ve decided to make this a bit of an event, since so much is going into it. New posts will be put up as I do things, and will include photos, recipes, and cooking tips. So, check back often, comment and ask questions, let me know what your tips and trick are, and just have fun watching it come together!

Let’s get things started with what’s on the menu:

– 100% local, pastured, GMO & hormone free turkeys raised at Our Father’s Farm. The birds will be brined in vegetable stock, white wine, and herbs then roasted to perfection. One bird is 15 lbs, one is 26 lbs.

-Roasted cranberry & orange sauce. A twist on a traditional treat, this recipe is great either hot or cold.

-Tart apple, fig, and chestnut cornbread dressing. Locally-ground cornmeal, eggs, and milk make the cornbread, which is dried and mixed with local apples, chestnuts, and wine, as well as dried figs, cranberries, celery, pears, and more make this one of my all-time most requested recipes.

Ciabatta rolls. Thadd’s whipping up his famous, and amazing, crusty ciabatta dinner rolls. Crispy on the outside, chewy and yummy on the inside.

-Green bean casserole. This isn’t your mom’s green bean casserole! Fresh bacon, mushrooms, green beans, whole local milk, cheese, homemade aioli, and topped with herbed Parmesan panko crumbs.

-Black truffle redskin potatoes. Fluffy potatoes with the rich flavors of rosemary, garlic, and black truffles.

-Roasted broccoli. Fresh broccoli, tossed with olive oil and kosher salt, then roasted to nutty perfection.

-Apple pie. Made from local Pippins from Vintage Virginia, with amazing, flaky crust, courtesy of Thadd.



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