Monday Healthy Eating, Nov. 15th

Get rid of the “diet” food. Study after study shows that people who eat real food are more satisfied and actually eat less than those who are eat highly processed “diet foods.” Why? There are several reasons:

1. Real food is more satisfying, so you can eat less and still feel sated.

2. Many diet foods contain ingredients that actually make you hungrier, thirstier, or change the way your body metabolizes things.

3. People tend to consume larger amounts of diet foods because, psychologically, that seems reasonable because there are (in theory) fewer calories. They often end up eating more calories than if they’d eaten something higher in fat or calories.

This doesn’t mean that opting for the highest-fat foods is a good idea. Drink a lower-fat milk (preferably grass-fed, if you have the option), opt for leaner proteins, and use good oils for cooking (EVOO is excellent, and coconut oil is great for you–just don’t use a ton!). Eat butter instead of margarine, just use less.

They key to being healthy and to maintaining a good weight isn’t diet food. There needs to be portion control, exercise, and healthful fruit, vegetables, and lean protein. Toss out the “low fat” Oreos, and just eat fewer of them less often.


2 responses to “Monday Healthy Eating, Nov. 15th

  • firenzemom

    So true! Eating whole grains instead of processed whites will hold you over longer without the snacking.
    Plus eating healthy real foods, portion control, and eating a small amount of the junk food you crave, along with exercise, will make you lose weight. Over time your body will adapt and the weight will stay off. Diets are a quick fix and when you go off you end up eating more and doubling your weight. Proven by research and it happened to me. It wasn’t until I ate healthy and controlled my portions that I was able to get the weight off and maintain it.

  • shwankie

    Firenzmom, that is it exactly! Eating processed “diet” foods just makes people hungrier and more likely to overeat!

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