Tuesday Sick Blog & On The Menu

I am sick. Thadd is making dinner, because I have no interest in standing, let alone cooking. So, he’s making a Pumpkin Bisque Soup using a recipe from L’etoile’s Chef Mark. (I’ve had this recipe, and it’s pretty darn spectacular. I highly recommend you try it.) Thadd’s got a thing for soups. It’s something he does well. I want to post a picture of him in his red mohawk, standing in domesticated bliss over the stove stirring a pot of hot soup, but I am too sick and tired to get up and take a photo.

He’s making it with a local wine, Cardinal Point’s Quattro,  which is a bit sweeter than is likely ideal; but, the wine’s got good flavor and body fora white, so it should work nicely anyway. It’s helping my sore throat, at any rate (what, we were going to let the bottle go bad?).  We’re also adding chicken sausage made by a guy we found in PA while visiting some friends. He hand-makes this wonderful, yummy chicken sausage, and Thadd needs protein. I’ll have to pick around it, because honestly I’ll be lucky if I can swallow the soup with my sore throat. Which sucks, because I love this sausage. And, as a final touch, I did get off my but and make whole wheat maple cornbread (which I also can’t eat) to go with it.

It should be an awesome meal. Now, if only I could eat most of it. I hate being sick.

At least I should be well enough to eat the crockpot haggis we’re making on Thursday. Right? Please tell me I’m right?

And, speaking of haggis, I haven’t put up an “On the Menu” in forever. Since I am sick and can’t talk without wanting to stick a fork in my eye, I figured I have the time.


Monday: Chickpea wet curry. I have no idea why I don’t make this more, because it’s spectacular. It’s a riot of Indian spices in your mouth. I recently got a spice mix from Penzy’s balled “balti” that I tossed in, and it worked beautifully. It’s also really frugal, and makes enough to feed an army.

Tuesday. Pumpkin Bisque. You read about this above. We love pumpkin soup.

Wednesday: Barbeque pulled chicken over rice. I work late, and this just gets tossed in the crockpot. All I have to do when I get home is throw on some rice and voila! Dinner. I put some veggies on the side, and the brown rice gives a lot of fiber.

Thursday: Haggis with parsnips and potatoes. Okay, it’s not real haggis. It’s the best we can do here in our quaint little part of the Southern US. Again, it’s a crockpot meal, because we’re both silly busy (and, have I mentioned that this woman is my hero, who has saved my not-eating-out life more times than I can count?). We are siding it with the traditional parsnips and potatoes, though. The lamb gets cut out because I am allergic, and replaced with that fabulous chicken sausage I raved about above.

Friday: Chicken Cacciatore. Yes, this is another slow cooker meal. I realize it looks like I never actually do any stove cooking, but I sweat I do. Just not this week. We’re trying to get some more leftovers into the freezer, so these large crockpot meals are perfect.

Saturday: Leftovers. We’ll clean out the refrigerator. Since we’re attending a local apple festival, we didn’t want to have to be home in time to cook. The preceding days should leave us with plenty.

Sunday: Goulash like Grandma Makes. This is not my healthiest meal. It’s made with white flour elbow noodles!! Why? One, because finding whole-wheat elbows around me is almost impossible, but mostly because this is one dish where the difference is actually huge and not necessarily leaning in favor of the whole-wheat. But, there’s lots of yummy grass-fed beef, and lycopene in the tomatoes.


Leftovers, for the most part.


Fermented oats, farm eggs, homemade bread, 9-grain fermented cereal, steel cut crockpotted oats.

What are you eating?



5 responses to “Tuesday Sick Blog & On The Menu

  • transplantednorth

    these all sound fabulous. Unfortunately, I am the one who feels sick now, even too sick to eat. Hope you are on the mend. Thanks for the post.

  • Frieda

    Hope you are getting better soon! Gulasch with noodles? Did you post the recipe somewhere? Would be really interested!
    We LOVE Haggis luckily here in Scotland we can get the real thing.

    • shwankie

      I am so jealous you get real haggis! I didn’t post a recipe for the goulash. It’s not really a recipe so much as a bunch of stuff that goes into a pot, depending on what I’ve got on hand. Like most stews and curries, every family has their own style, and mine takes after grandmas. We don’t do potatoes, and serve it over pasta (it can be made as a soup, or more as a sauce. I do the latter). Traditionally, the noodles would be Csipetke, but I don’t have time to make them this week.

      • Frieda

        Ha ha sounds pretty much like my way of cooking, I only asked because I am a bit fed up with my way of cooking and am on the quest for some inspiration. Csipetke sound a bit like Austrian Spaetzle … need to try this with goulash next time. You can’t even order haggis, my in-laws tried but it’s a no go with customs.

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