Morningland Diary–Fight For Your Food Rights.

If you care about food rights and haven’t read about this, you need to. This is an outrageous violation of due process, and a blatant attempt by the FDA to  crack down on raw foods.

Was Hillendale Farms, who produced *millions* of contaminated eggs that sickened thousands of people, asked to destroy it’s chickens, or it’s undistributed eggs? No.

Have *any* of the conventional, large, corporate dairies had to destroy all their remaining product when their milk or cheese made someone sick? No.

Yet this farm-run dairy, with no reports of illness or contamination in it’s 30 year history, is being told to do exactly that, with no reliable evidence of contamination, improper testing procedures, and no due process. This impacts not just the farm, but also the people who rely on them for employment.

Please read their story and pass it along. If you can, please contribute to their legal fund.

Click here to lend your support to: Uncheese Party and make a donation at !


One response to “Morningland Diary–Fight For Your Food Rights.

  • Raine

    This is an absolute atrocity, I agree, and when the imbalances in this situation are pointed out and the irony of the situation explained, it doesn’t seem to hit home to everyone who hears the story. Why don’t big agricultural outfits get cast out of their industry for committing these heinous acts? It’s simple, because if they were asked to close their doors, they’d have to ask every food producer to close their doors because they are all guilty of producing toxic food products and would all soon be out of business, making the sustainable farmers in the controlling seat. And well, we know that’s just never going to happen. Big agriculture is one of the most powerful and wealthy industries in the world, and when you have that title, you aren’t going to relinquish it for anything – especially not something like ethics or morals (that would be the least of their worries). Thanks for pointing this out, it’s necessary for people to read this and understand just what is going on.

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