Foodie Updates

I said I’d be doing more on preservation, and so I am. Sort of. The truth is, I haven’t had much time to do a lot of preservation this last few weeks. I did do this:

Roasted pumpkin seeds with garlic and chili powder, from a local, organic pumpkin. Unfortunately, these didn’t actually get “preserved,” per se, so much as they were gone by noon the next day. What can I say, they were yummy. This is what happened to the pumpkin (well, one of them–there were several):

It was stuffed with pumpkin-sausage qinoa “risotto,” and topped with a pastry “leaves.” I tried for a stem, but I am just not that great with pastry dough. That’s Thadd’s thing.

And that’s about the end of my preservation since the salted lemons. Business is keeping me…well, busy.  I have, however, done some cooking (obviously, since that’s what “business” typically means in my case). Since you’re here for the food, I thought I’d share:

I love this method of cooking a chicken. I start out roasting it in a “French” style.  Carrots, celery, onion, and a bit of butter (or, in this case) EVOO in the roasting pan gives flavor, while a hot oven and a lot of turning the chicken give a crispy, brown skin. Once it was all brown and yummy looking, and put the bird on top of a pile of my cornbread, chestnut, and apple stuffing (which also contains dried plums, though sometimes I use figs). It turned out beautifully.

Hopefully, I”ll have some time to preserve this week. There’ll definitely be broth making (bone, chicken, and vegetable), and probably some catch-up on staples like granola. I also need to “catch up” on my working out…it’s suffering mightily with all this cooking!


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