Monday Healthy Eating

This one is simple, and the only change you’ll notice is positive: switch to 100% pastured, 100% grass-fed meat, eggs, and dairy.  It tastes better, has far more nutrients, and depending on the cut somewhere between 1/2 to 1/3 the calories of grain-fed, conventional meat. Higher in cancer-fighting (and fat fighting) things like conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamin D (in which deficiency is becoming almost an epidemic!), and other beneficial nutrients. Plus, it tastes better.

The average American can lose 5-12 pounds just by switching from conventional, corn-fed beef to pastured, grass-fed.  That’s pretty spectacular. Plus, the beef tastes like..well, beef.  Get it locally, and it won’t taste like the gluten-sodium solution they inject into all the poultry and beef you buy at the store, either.  The milk will have vitamin D that your body can actually absorb and process in it, and the eggs will be bursting with Omegas for good brain and heart (they can reduce the chance or heart disease), and are crucial in the development of humans from conception through death.  What’s not to love?

Cook your pastured beef a lower temperature (ask your local farmer, I promise they’ll give you more recipes than you can handle), and a bit more slowly. Eat beef rare medium for maximum flavor, pork medium rare to medium, and chicken and turkey done to 165 degrees (I take mine out of the oven at 155, and let it rest for 20 minutes–it makes it juicy, and continues to cook to 165 on it’s own). Most of all, enjoy it, and watch the changes in your body.


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