Friday Fast One

Friday Fast One is a new feature here at EE. Each Friday, I’ll post a few of the top things happening in food science, food politics, the local food movement, and other foodie-related areas, and a short thought on what they mean, what action can be taken, or how I hope to see things go. Let me know what you think!

Fast One: BPA and BBP have been linked to many nasty things, including developmental problems and endocrine disruption, and now obesityWhat does this mean, in short? Stop using hard plastics for water and food storage, and try to stay away from canned foods.  All of these things contain BPA, and even the “BPA Free” versions are being shown to actually contain BPA. There are a lot of things that have these chemicals in them that you can’t control–city water pipes, for example–so control the ones you can. Tips: use locally grown food you preserve yourself by canning, freezing, dehydrating, or fermenting. Use glass or metal water bottles. Use glass containers for your leftovers.  Use dried beans instead of canned. Do not purchase bottled water (tap water may also contain BPA, but because it runs through pipes instead of sitting in bottles for months or years, it almost certainly has less).

Fast One: New study shows RoundUp links to birth defects. It’s an animal study, since human studies can’t be readily performed, but the animals share reproductive similarity with humans, and the study is backed with field research showing higher birth defect rates in areas using air spraying of RoundUp on crops. What does this mean, in short: Mostly what we already knew, which is that these hardcore pesticides and herbicides have serious potential effects that are untested and unregulated. Unfortunately, since the study wasn’t done in the US, it’s likely to get ignored, much like all the previous studies of HFCS prior to the Princeton study. You, however, can opt to eat organic, local foods. Vote with your dollars, and call your representatives.

For more news, recipes, articles, and blogs focused on local, real foods, visit’s Fight Back Friday’s!


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