Monday Healthy Eating

Eat a good breakfast. Yes, I know you’re not a breakfast person. You have to wake up first, you’re not hungry until lunch, you don’t have time… There are many excuses for not eating breakfast, but they’re all just excuses. Eating a healthy breakfast kick starts your metabolism, which makes it easier to maintain a healthy weight. People who eat a healthy breakfast have an overall lower BMI than those who don’t, they’re more productive, have more energy, and perform mental tasks better.

If you don’t eat breakfast now, you’ll probably have to start slow to get your body used to it. I promise you, it’ll happen. Start with some yogurt cottage cheese, or fruit. Move up to oatmeal (not instant, and not flavored–add your fruit and sweetener yourself and you’ll save a ton of calories and gain a lot of fiber, too!), whole grain toast, or eggs after a week or two of getting your body used to having food in it first thing in the morning.

For more tips on healthy eating, lifestyle, and exercise check out my “Small Step” page!


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