Apples Aren’t Just for Sauce

I love applesauce. We use it in everything: cakes, breads, various types and veggie loafs. I also enjoy just munching on a good apple (Honey Crisps are my favorite!), especially with a crisp white wine (Like Lovingston Winery’s Wahoo White) and some good cheese (a great sharp cheddar, or a Caramont or Night Sky goat cheese).  But, there’s more to a good apple than the sauce and crunching.

With VA’s fabulous array of apple types, I’ve been in heaven each fall since we’ve been here. Last year, my favorite two recipes were apple and onion hash (not picture), and Caraway Apple Stuffing (above). Caraway and apples go together like…well, caraway and apples. Which is to say perfectly.  Throw together some apples, red onion, caraway, parsley, EVOO, white wine, and some pepper and salt, and you’ve got yourself a great dish with any kind of wild game. We ate this with venison and quinoa.

You can find amazing apples at Vintage Virginia, a family-run orchard in Albemarle County, VA that offers heritage apples (and some great hard and soft cider, too!). I’ll be seeing them at the Monticello Harvest Festival this weekend, and heading out to the Vintage Virginia Apple Fest November 6th. Both of these events are worth hitting for the apples alone, but there’s much more to them, too. Maybe I’ll see you, and your favorite apple, there!


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