I’m Back, With Pictures!

It was a rather long, somewhat productive, and incredibly mentally exhausting trip home to deal with family. The Dealing isn’t over yet, which is depressing. So, of course, I am remedying the depression with cooking. This means I have no time for blogging, but next week you’ll get pictures of black bean empanadas, Bhutanese red rice and meatballs, and some other things. This post, all you get is some soup and bread:

This is fougasse. Thadd whipped this up after seeing it on a trip to Wegman’s, and it came out beautifully. A great alternative to dinner rolls, it’s also a beautiful centerpiece for a dinner party (especially holidays) when dressed up with some EVOO and spices!

These are ciabatta rolls, which I love on their own, but even more with soup.  Once again, all breads are courtesy of Thadd. We have an arrangement: I cook the food, he bakes the bread. Hey, it works for me!

And, speaking of soup, we’re heading into fall, a.k.a. The Season of Hearty Soups. So, here’s the beet & carrot soup I whipped up with our latest batch of beets. Instead of sour cream, I served it with Greek Yogurt–higher in protien, lower in fat!

These are all things you’d see in my client services,  so if it looks yummy, give me an email or call and I am sure we can work something out!

In the meantime, I am mostly playing catch up, so no real foodie blogs of substance.  I will say that part of the reason I am playing catch up is that I am actively beginning to set up a podcast, and video will be appearing here soon, too!  I’ve also got some other news coming up, so check back next Tuesday or Wednesday for what I promise will be a foodie update.

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