Official Out

There will be no posts here until at least August 26th. I know I said I have a ton in my que, and I do; but, I’ve also had some unfortunate family news recently and am traveling back to MI to spend time with loved ones and take care of things. The posts can wait until I return.

There is some more exciting news in the offing, which will also be announced after my return. I probably won’t have email access, or at the very best it will be infrequent, so if you really need me you’ll have to call. Thank you, everyone, for your understanding and support.

In the meantime, why not take a click trip through some of my blogroll? DMCGirl has a great giveaway and a yummy tofu recipe today,  Rev Gardens just updated their look, Orangette talks pizza and toast, and Chef Channon dishes about no-cook cooking in Michigan. See, you have a lot to read while I am away, so get crackin’!


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