Putting By

It’s that time of year again. Produce is starting to come in hot and heavy, and we’re gearing up for canning, freezing, and dehydrating. This year, we’ll even have vacuum-packed goods, since we found a FoodSaver for $3 at Goodwill! We’ve already canned some dill pickles and green beans, as well as frozen grated zucchini. More of all that will happen this week, along with (hopefully) dehydrating some melon and freezing corn-on-the-cob. Stay tuned for photos!

This year I am getting a lot of interest in preserving. Emails are arriving about how I store food almost daily, and my previous posts about preservation are drawing a lot of traffic.  It’s exciting to see people take an interest in their food, and while I realize it’s in large part the economy and having a family in the White House that is interested in healthy food and gardening, I am hoping it’s a trend that sticks. Once people taste the difference, one they see that you don’t need a pound of salt and HFCS in everything (and that food actually tastes better without it if it’s fresh!), maybe they’ll stick with it. Once they feel more energy, see their skin improve, and notice they’re not getting sick as often, maybe they’ll keep gardening, keep preserving food.

Those of you who can fun and interesting things, share your recipes with your friends. I’ll be sharing some here, too. Hot and sweet carrots, pickled jalapenos, aubergine, and more will be upcoming. Let’s keep the momentum going.


2 responses to “Putting By

  • iasmindecordoba

    I completely agree about hope that this will continue! Our preservation efforts this year will be centered around extending everything through the entire year, literally. Our biggest struggles center around greens in the spring (not lettuce) and cabbage. Now, while we rarely have leftovers, we do have them on occasion, but it’s frequently just a small amount of things here and there. I’m sure many of your readers with kids can identify. Our solution to this? Timbales! Here’s the recipe I came up with, in case your readers are interested:


  • shwankie

    Timbales, what a great idea! Thanks for the shared recipe, it’ll be on our menu next week, too!

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