It’s that time of year again.

Yep, that’s me all stinky, sweaty, and dirty, with a whole pile of fresh-harvested wild mushrooms (Thadd’s never forgiven me for that haul, which I proudly say he’s never equaled). Unfortunately, that was my biggest haul ever, by a lot. In addition to the giant puffballs, I also harvested something like 25 lbs. of hen-of-the-woods. Both are yummy, and both freeze like a dream. And, I collected both in MI, not VA.

Yes, you read that right: something MI has VA does not. Or, if it does, I can’t find them. We found normal puffballs last year, but not giants. And, no hen-of-the-woods. What we have found every year are these beauties:

Common chanterelles. Yum.  We’ve harvested a good many, but nothing like the shear poundage of the MI haul. Now, these are more delicate mushrooms, considered more gourmet by many. But, I tend to put them on par with the hen-of-the-woods. And above them both I put the chicken mushroom (also called sulphur mushroom). I don’t have any pictures of those–I am not sure why, actually–but they’re yummy. They taste like chicken! No, really, I mean it.  Not in the “here, try this live toad–I swear it tastes just like chicken!” kind of way, either.

So,  the mushrooms should be back, starting about now. Chicken mushrooms pop in late spring here, and we qualify. I’ve been so busy I’ve stopped hunting wild foods, and I need to start again. Mushrooms, berries, wild onions and lettuces, pawpaws, nuts…there’s so much tasty goodness out there to be had. I need to get back into the woods. I miss it. A lot. It keeps me sane, and I am a little nuts right now with the busy.

This is a new priority for me. Or rather, a renewed priority.


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