Day 1 of Growing Power Cheese Class

The internet connection at the hotel is *really* slow, so I won’t get all my photos uploaded before I have to be out of here this morning; but, I wanted to give all of you following a quick update! It was a late night (for me, anyway, since Milwaukee is an hour behind us), but it was worth it.

The cheese class went spectacularly well. So well, in fact, that I am going to try to add a second cheese today because I think we’ll have the time and the milk.  I had two staff assistants, Ann and Amanda (I need to get pics of them!) who were an amazing help. The class went exactly according to schedule, with participants arriving about 2 hours after I left the conference to get started with sterilization and prepping some of the milk.  There were about 7 participants (about all that would fit in the kitchen), and they dug right in:

The young woman on the left is working on a project to recapture lost knowledge about soil production and reclamation in Peru (there’ll be information about her and her project linked here once I get back home). The young woman on the right has her own cow, goats, and milking sheep, so it was wonderful to chat dairy with her.

The milk itself wasn’t from Growing Power, since they unfortunately lost two of their nanny goats just a few days before I arrived. Fortunately, a fairly local source of raw goat’s milk was found, and so we had wonderful, fresh Nubian goat milk with which to work. Nubian milk is some of the best goat’s milk you can get, and it made wonderful cheese.

Above is a freshly-stretched ball of mozzarella. We did some experimenting, and re-heated the curd in both whey and water. The recipe calls for water, but I’ve always used my whey, and think it gives a better flavor. After extensive taste-testing, the class agreed.

We had a great time, and I can’t wait for today’s class! Check my flickr page (use the link on the right under “flickr photos”) to see more pictures from Growing Power and the cheese class. More pics will follow as I have time to upload on the slow connection.

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