Ready, Set, Cheese

I am safely tucked away in my hotel after a rather long and arduous afternoon of almost-missed flights, booking faux-pas, and general lack of food. Having remedied the latter issue, I called Ann at Growing Power, and she and I went to inventory the kitchen we’ll be using for the  cheese classes. We also stopped by Growing Power very briefly to check in with Ryan, the fella who’s been procuring all the supplies and helping orchestrate this.

Growing Power is busy today, so no tour; but, we did verify that all the supplies we need are ready to go. Ann took me to the kitchen, and while it’s small, I should be able to make it work for what we’ll be doing. Tomorrow starts bright and early at the crack of…um….well, 8Am as it turns out.  I don’t really consider this the crack of much of anything, but I am not going to complain about getting to sleep in a bit and take part in my hotel’s free breakfast. Thadd packed me some of our good coffee and there’s a coffee maker in the room, so I should be all set.

And, that’s about it so far.  Turns out the hotel has a pool and hot tub that isn’t listed on their website, and which I won’t be using because I didn’t bring a swimsuit (because, as mentioned, it wasn’t on their website). Bit bummed about that. It’s 4:00PM here, and I’ve got pretty much nothing to do at this point aside from spend a few minutes working up a timetable for the classes that takes into account the kitchen.

Hopefully, I’ll have time to do a post when I get back tomorrow, but it may be Sunday night before I get to it. I think tomorrow is going to run long and late.  Wish me luck.


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