Healthy Eating Tip of the Day/Week/Whatever & What I’m Doing

One of my biggest “tricks” to staying healthy is to eat a really diverse diet. Science has proven that people who eat a wide variety of foods are generally much healthier than those who eat a limited diet for a few reasons: 1)  it provides a wider variety of vitamins, minerals, and micro-nutrients,  2) your metabolism is kept off balance, so your body works harder and burns more calories, and 3) your body, especially your tastebuds, feel more satisfied, so you eat less overall.

If you’re having a hard time getting in some diversity because of time, just make some small changes. Take a new fruit for lunch, or toss a different vegetable on the grill tonight.  Add some sharp cheese and red pepper to your salad.  Looking for bigger changes? Consider trying some different cuisines, like Indian, or switch to a vegetarian meal once or twice a week.

I want to add even more diversity to my diet, and get some more raw fruits and veggies in. I do fairly well with my daily veggie intake since I love them, but there are days like today when I’ll be working from 7:30 AM to 7:30 PM, and eating a salad in the car is a recipe for disaster. So, next week (I’ve already been grocery shopping this week), I’ll be adding savory smoothies to the “superfood” smoothies I’m already doing. While the fruity ones keep my sweet tooth at bay, I don’t always want sweet.  I’d love to hear your recipes, and I’ll be sharing mine here as I experiment.

I also think these will work out well for me when it gets really hot out. I tend to not eat in the heat, and a savory smoothie might just be the perfect way for me to get in the foods I need!


One response to “Healthy Eating Tip of the Day/Week/Whatever & What I’m Doing

  • iasmindecordoba

    The all-time favorite savory smoothies in our house typically encompass the “gazpacho” and “cool cucumber” realm of things. Anything that can be eaten as a cold soup is fair game in our house during the rush-rush days of summer when savory smoothies practically rule our busiest days. My personal favorite is my Breakfast Bloody Mary smoothie. Non-alcoholic though it is, it provides an easy way to get full veggie points for the day, hold the hunger at bay for another three hours or so, and make me wistful for the time when I can sit down and relax with friends on a spicy hot summer day. If you’d like, I can post the recipe. Just let me know!

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