Keeping It Up

I’ve been training a lot lately. There’s a few reasons for this: 1) I am teaching more classes at both gyms, including spin, weights, and P90X, and I have to train up for them, 2) there’s the All-Women’s 4-Days-4-States hike I’ll be doing (and kind of leading) in June, and 3) the warrior dash in September could possibly kick my bum if I’m not ready for it.

This only matters here because it means I have to work harder to keep my energy and nutrition up, including my electrolytes and antioxidants (being sick isn’t really an option right now). So, I’ve added smoothies to my daily diet. I’m trying for 2 a day, and they’re not all your average smoothies. Only rarely will there be any yogurt in them, because I am instead of focusing on variety and “superfoods,” like matcha, pomegranate, acai,  wheat grass, flax meal, etc. This morning’s matcha-melon was awesome, but I didn’t get pictures. I did, however, get last night’s pomegranate smoothie:

Above: the raw ingredients. Melon, mango, lime (which I zested), strawberries, and flax. Not shown are pomegranate juice and ice. To make things faster, I pre-prep fruits like melon and mango in batches, then store until I am ready to use. Below: ready to add the liquid and the ice.

Below: The Magic Bullet Blender. Yep, I laughed at it, too. My roommate has one, so I thought I’d give it a whirl, and as much fun as I made of it, it’s awesome for smoothies. It is fast, compact, blends really well, and cleans up in a flash, making it far preferable to a large blender if you’re doing one smoothie at a time like I am.

And finally, the finished product:

I’m always trying new combos, so you’ll probably see more here. I am hoping to pick up some almond butter soon, to do almond vanilla smoothies for the protein. Any favorite recipes out there?


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