Foodie & Frugal 3.21.10

It’s that time again. We did the shopping & meal planning Monday, and I’m finally getting time to share.


Week I

Monday: Seared Cajun catfish with Israeli couscous and sautee’d veggies.

Tuesday: Roasted chicken with brussel sprouts & mashed potatoes. We’re using up some potatoes, and the leftover chicken will be made into lunch meat for sandwiches.

Wednesday: Indian chicken with brown basmati rice. This great crockpot recipe cooks all day, and ends in an amazing Indian meal with very little effort.

Thursday:Thai Peanut Noodles with Shrimp, and salad. We use whole wheat noodles for this dish, both because it’s healthier than rice noodles and because we can rarely find them around here.

Friday: We’re out of town this night, so we’ll be eating out.

Saturday: Passover Dinner.  A friend of ours is hosting a passover dinner, so no cooking for us!

Week II

Sunday: Chicken Pot Pie. We’ll use leftover chicken and veggies for this.

Monday: Chocolate-Curry Chili with cornbread. A stand-by favorite, and one of my best recipes.

Tuesday: Black bean & banana empanadas. Thadd’s been clamoring for these again for quite some time, and we’re going to make extras to put in the freezer so he has quick snacks while his family is here.

Wednesday: Stuffed shells & salad. We don’t do stuffed anything very often, but a local grocer has these beautiful shells available. How can I resist?

Thursday: Meat loaf with roasted root vegetables and applesauce. This is “in theory,” because we won’t be making it unless we have our ground beef from Pannill’s Gate. Our alternate is spicy salmon patties.

Friday:Pork chops with veggies and couscous.

Saturday: Chicken Fajitas

BREAKFASTS: Steel-cut oats, bulgar, and wheat berry cereal. Fresh eggs. Greek yogurt. Fruit. Granola.

LUNCHES: Leftovers. Sandwiches (smoked chicken, cold cuts, greens, cheese, wraps or bread). Soup.


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