While You’re Waiting…Foodie & Frugal Update

Thadd made off with the camera again, which unfortunately includes the pictures from this weekend. So, while you’re eagerly awaiting the post about the Growing Power workshop, I’ll entertain you instead with this week’s menu. For those of you who are new to my blog (and according to my stats, there’s a goodly number), a quick summary:

Thadd (sometimes referred to as “UC” or “Undercomplicated”) and I strive to eat a a healthy, diverse, tasty diet on a reasonabl budget. In that budget, we try to stuff as many local goods as possible. We also work with our fairly opposite caloric needs. At 6’6″, he needs something like 5000-6000 calories a day to maintain his weight at this active lifestyle. Since I am only 5’0″, my caloric needs are–even with the intense 500-600 calorie workouts I do almost daily–is closer to 1200.  To accomplish this, we do some pretty serious meal planning so we don’t break the bank. He makes up a lot of his calories in snacks, shakes, and bigger portions.


Week 1

Monday: Cabbage rolls. This is the last ground-beef you’ll see on our menu for a while. We’re getting some amazing, 100% pastured, grass-fed beef in a few weeks.

Tuesday: Cajun Swai with brussel sprouts & cheese sauce, and asparagus. This swai is sustainably farmed, and available pretty much everywhere now.

Wednesday: Bean Bolegnese. This is a vegetarian take on the pork version, and it’s incredibly yummy. The beans (northern, red, and pinto) soaked overnight, and are cooking in the crockpot now.

Thursday: Crockpot Jambalaya. We’re hoping to get more leftovers in the freezer, and this should be great.

Friday: Samosa Pie. Another vegetarian recipe, this one from Vegetarian Times. We are suckers for Indian food, and I especiall love samosas. A whole meal of veggie samosa is my idea of heaven.

Saturday: Miso Chicken. We’re hosting our friends Dave and MJ overnight, and I think they’ll like this recipe. I am making it with skinned chicken to save on the fat, so it’s really health-friendly, but rich and warm. And it has a pound-and-a-half of shitakes in it, which automatically ups the “Yum” factor.

Sunday: Laotion eggplant. One of my current favorites, this super-healthy version of a stir fry from Laos combines eggplant, tomato, onion, mint, and a few other things for a light but filling meal. Served over rice or couscous, it’s weight-friendly, easy, and really different.

Week 2

Monday: Stroganoff & salad. If we have our good beef, it’ll be beef. Otherwise, it’ll be kidney bean & mushroom stroganoff.

Tuesday: Spicy Fish Stew. Thadd’s been wanting this, so he’s going to give the recipe a go.

Wednesday: Indian Chicken. This is a crockpot recipe from crockpot365.com that I’ve modified fairly heavily (we like a lot more spice than the original recipe). I love that site, so check it out if you haven’t already.

Thursday: Gumbo. We’ve been meaning to do this for a while, and I found a recipe I want to try. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Friday: Etheopian. Thadd’s baking the injera, which is the flatbread one uses to eat with instead of a fork. We’ll be doing a few different dishes here, mostly vegetarian.  We’re definitely doing lentils, potatoes, and cauliflower. I may try to scrounge a chicken dish. And, we may try to scrounge up some friends to help us eat it all! Etheopian cuisine is very unique and inexpensive, and it’s ideal to share with friends.

Saturday & Sunday: leftovers!

Breakfasts: local eggs from The Eggery (Keith & Addison Hatch’s children sell amazing eggs! Contact me for information, while I bother them to get a website). Greek yogurt. Oats (steel cut and rolled). Granola.

Lunches: leftovers. Sandwhiches (tuna, coldcuts from Anderson’s, homemade breads).  Eggs (see above).

And, that’s it. Hopefully, there’ll be some pictures up soon of food and fun; but, first I have to wrestle the camera from Thadd.


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