Monsanto Investigated in 7 States

And, I am happy to say, Virginia is among them. Reat the story at Bloomberg Business Week.

I realize it’s only for possible anti-trust violations, but it’s a start. And, it’s one in what is becoming a long string of bad news items for Monsanto, which is just fantastic (and long overdue).  GMOs that cause organ failure,  India rejecting Monsanto’s GMO seeds after mass protests, the superweed they’ve created killing millions of dollars in crops. 2010 hasn’t been a good year for this company that not only puts profits over people, it outright falsifies data to the detriment of environment, humans, and animals alike to maintain it’s hold on market share.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is just the beginning!


2 responses to “Monsanto Investigated in 7 States

  • Helene

    I’m with you hoping this is just the beginning of Monsanto’s demise but i have a feeling they won’t be going down without a fight and without causing a lot more damage – at least not without some major uprising against them.

    have you seen Ian Crane’s lecture on this topic and codex alimentarius? he talks about how insidious they are and how they take small steps and watch for any major opposition and if they don’t see any, keep moving ahead with their plans…. pretty scary – especially when they can exert so much influence over the media! I put the link to the lecture below

  • shwankie

    Thanks for the link, Helen. And yes, they’re incredibly insidious. There will definitely be a huge fight–they’re not going to lose those kind of profits easily or lightly. Unfortunately, they’ll be able to do an amazing amount of damage on the way out (assuming we can get them out), which is yet another reason I am so pro-local, pro-heirloooms, and pro-small farmer.

    Love your website, btw!

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