Swai Did You Say?

While shopping for whitefish for a client’s menu this week, I noticed a new fish on ice at the local fish market. It was called “Swai,” and the little sign they stuck into it said it was sustainable and eco-friendly, and tasted a lot like catfish. And, it was only $3.99/lb. Since I had to buy a LOT of it for this large family, the price was a bonus, but I was worried about the “sustainable,” thing. That means different things to different people (read: Monsanto considers GMO, Round-Up-Ready to be sustainable. I don’t).

So, I checked out a site I trust, the Monteray Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch site. If you’ve never been there, it’s a great resource, and they have a little pocket guide you can print out to help you select fish that are eco-friendly. I was pleasantly surprised that they list Swai as a “Good Alternative” fish.

I got a filet for myself to try, too, and it’s delicious! We’re having it tonight, and I suspect once a week from now on until Thadd gets tired of it.


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