What’s a Service Look Like, Anyway?

I keep meaning to get some pictures of the meals I make for clients posted here, so you can see what it might look like if I was cooking for you! Each client’s meals are made especially for them, so each week I may be cooking up to 20 totally unique meals, not including what we eat at home.

One of the reasons I haven’t gotten many photos of services is that I move pretty fast. Food safety means keeping things at specific temperatures, and I’m also usually doing 3-5 meals at once. Getting distracted could mean ruining an entire dinner. Also, though, it’s because I am just not comfortable taking my awesome-but-huge camera into my client’s homes sometimes. To remedy this, I am going to start carrying the little one we have. I’m still learning to work it, and the pics aren’t likely to be as good as those I’d get with my uber-camera; but, at least I’ll get them! I’ll save the Big Fella for the cooking I do for special occasions, or at home.

Above:  These meals feed two ladies for dinner, and I package leftovers for them (out-of-frame to right) as lunches. From front to back are tandoori-spiced whitefish with curried chickpea & vegetable salad, barbeque tempeh and vegetables over seasoned brown rice, and goat cheese & charred tomato burritos with black beans & rice. Below: Black & White chicken chili, which gets its name from the mixture of black and canellini beans used to make it. It will be served with moist, sweet cornbread full of golden corn kernels.

I had a bunch more photos, but it seems the camera just lost them. I have no idea why. Another mystery for me to figure out.


One response to “What’s a Service Look Like, Anyway?

  • Sara Jordan

    Wow i just love the line of work your in, and as a college student I am striding to become a personal chef myself, if its okay with you I’d love to interview you maybe over E-mails or instant messaging, or even right on here would work for me! I am currently doing this project in one of my classes, that requires me to interview somone like you in this career field. And by the looks of it your a pretty good canidate. Please get back to me as soon as you can.

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