Seeking to Overhaul the School Lunch Program

School lunches are, for the most part, abhorrent. In the vast majority of school systems, the lunches provided offer little in the way of nutrition, and a lot in the way of empty calories, additives, chemicals, fats, and sugars. Research has shown, again and again, that the diet most schools serve is a direct pathway to obesity, diabetes, heart disease, disorders such as ADD/ADHD and depression, and a slew of other things.

There’s a new program being pushed out of the White House that hopes to change this. It’s not perfect, but it would be a huge step in the right direction. Farm-to-school programs have been hugely successful in the areas in which they’ve been implemented, and children who eat better are not only phsically healthier, but are more likely to succeed academically, too.

Let’s hope this can withstand the pressure by the all-powerful vendors like Aramark and Monsanto. If you’re worried about you child’s nutrition, and the growing rates of childhood obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses, call your local government officials and let them know you support programs like these.

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